Beginner's Guide to Keno

The gaming industry has continued to evolve over time. In the not so distant past, players who are keen on playing casino games are required to go to a physical gambling casino before they can. In any case, the inception of online gaming and other innovative technologies has made it easier for players to enjoy games online without stepping a foot out of their homes. Keno is one of the games featured by online casinos, and we'll explain how to play it in this guide. Visit for game reviews.

Components of Keno

Keno is a similar game to lotteries and bingo. You don't need any special skill playing the game, and this makes it a good choice for most players. The objective is to guess what numbers will be selected during the raffle draw. To play the game, you will first need to buy a ticket. Most tickets have 1 to 80 numbers organized on them. Nevertheless, there are some tickets that have as much as 120 numbers. Some best casino sites offering keno are:

  • Mr Green Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Playamo Casino
  • Casumo Casino

Once you've bought the keno ticket, you need to mark the numbers you predicted on it. There is usually minimum and maximum numbers you can select in the game. So it is always essential that you check the rules of the game before you start marking numbers. Once you marked the numbers on the ticket and the raffle round has commenced, you cannot change your selection. In this round, the dealer or computer will select winning numbers at random through a raffle draw.


How Winning is Determined

Winnings in Keno are determined by how many numbers you are able to guess correctly as well as the overall section of numbers. If you guess all the numbers correctly and marked them on your ticket, you will win the highest prize in the game. One of the impressive things about online keno is the fact that you can always check the paytable information. The payable information explains how the payout of the game is structured so you can know what you stand a chance to win.

Now that we've explained how to play keno, we recommend that you try playing it for free. Most top online keno casinos provide free versions of the game in their lobby which you can play to get familiar with the features and also practice the game. Besides that, these free keno games can also be used to test strategies that you can later apply in the real money keno games. But note that free keno does not give you a chance to win real money.

Summary and Conclusion

Throughout this comprehensive article, we've discussed how keno is played. We've explained the layout of the ticket, the proceeds involved in the game as well as the basic rules. Don't forget that you can always play the game in free mode as a means to learn. If you want to play the game for real money, you should make sure that you choose a top casino that is licensed by a relevant gaming authority. Why not check out our recommended keno casinos.